Illini VEX Robotics

Our Vex U team has accomplished so much since our beginning in 2021. From recruiting students to build the first executive board to winning the Amaze Award at the 2023 VEX World Championships, we are so proud of how far we have come and the community we have built along the way. 


Our VEXU team, ILLINI, competes in the VEX Robotics Competition at the university level. Students are faced with a unique design challenge revealed each year and must design, build, and program custom robots to meet that challenge. Past years have seen robots creating six-foot stacks of cubes, firing dozens of balls long distances, and even lifting other robots high in the air! This year’s game, called Over Under, requires robots to launch oblong tri-balls across the competition field to a partner and features a final climb where the robot who is highest off the floor at the end of the match scores extra points!

We have 4 robots being built right now! Two for the head to head competition matches, and two others focused on mastering the skills field. Each group of members have used all their talents to get these bots up and running for their first competition of the season. We can’t wait to show them off!

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