Illini VEX Robotics

The Vision

Founded in 2021, Illini VEX Robotics is the “Premier Robotics Organization” at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With the platform of VEX, we strive to promote STEM by creating Research & Design Projects, Software Development Tools, and competing in the International level VEX U Competition.

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Meet the Team

VEX U Competition

Collaborate with students to design, build, and program robots to compete in this year’s VEX U Competition, a disc launching, frisbee golf-inspired game “Spin Up”!

Research and Design (R&D)

The R&D Team meets weekly to develop solutions at the intersection of outreach, CS, AI, and robotics. All projects are ultimately showcased at the yearly Engineering Open House!

Software and Development

Utilizing agile methodologies, computer vision, and machine learning, the Software Development Team specialized in solutions for the VEX U and R&D Teams. New projects can be pitched by any of the our members! 


Interested in social media, graphic design, website design, or video production? The Marketing Team offers a wide range of opportunities, whether you’re a skilled designer or just starting out!


The Outreach Team offers a way for students to connect with the local community! These include planning social events, volunteer opportunities, and much more! 


Excited to begin working in the business world? The Corporate Team gives members the opportunity to  collaborate and communicate with external companies, organizations, and other RSOs! 

Executive Board 2022-2023

Husain Badri


"Funny Quote"

Jeremy Lau


Akaash Kashyap

VEX U Director

Nihal Saxena

R&D Director

Taylor Xia

Software Development Director

"Greatest Safety Officer of ALL TIME"


Corporate Director

Anna Ondrejckova

Outreach Director

"You better hold on tight, spider monkey"

Owen Harry

Marketing Director